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The 8 pages below cover the key elements of my healthy atmosphere campaign and are written for reading in the order presented.

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Healthy Atmosphere campaign

Welcome to my website about fixing pollution with clean technology, philosophy and an optimistic outlook on the future. It is about using science to reveal the truth, and to bring about good progress.

I am Robert Copcutt and this website is about my service to the world. It is about helping people make the unprecedented transitions we are experiencing. I care, and one way I figure I can help is to present some important ideas from my unique perspective.

My primary ambition since about age 11 has been to become an engineer and do my best to deliver clean technology solutions so that we can have healthier air, and water. My clean energy solutions page outlines my technical vision for the near future.

By presenting my technical vision I hope to convince you that there is a solution to pollution, global warming, peak oil and loss of wild habitat that benefits most life on earth, and thereby gather support to make the investment required. To reinforce the message that we need to embrace rapid change I have also written a series of essays starting with one about global warming.

This website is designed to be a concise source of information about ideas that could greatly improve the health of our atmosphere and the quality of most people's lives. 

If you want to know more about who wrote what you are reading I have a biography page. I have posted a small selection of old family photos here.

Links to other websites, and other types of promotion are gratefully received.

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